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Year 6 Vale: Mr Pollak and Mr Fenech

Autumn Term

We hope you have all had a restful holiday and that the children are excited and ready to begin their learning. There will be a cross-curricular approach to learning in Year 6 wherever possible so the children will work on a theme for several weeks, linking many different subjects together.

Year 6 children are very much encouraged to be proactive learners; continuing their learning journey at home is vital and your support and encouragement is very much appreciated! We look forward to working in partnership with you and helping your child fulfil their potential.

Visit the web links in our 'Useful Downloads' section for a wide variety of ways that you can help and support your child with their learning.



During this term we will be studying books written by established authors. We will further develop the skills of biographical and autobiographical writing in role and developing a ‘voice’ in our writing which will link with our first topic about identity. Our next topic about Ancient Greece will develop storytelling skills focusing on myths and legends. We will also focus on journalistic writing. This will give the children a chance to learn about the different ways that news is presented. Regularly reading newspapers or watching TV reports with your child and discussing the stories will help support this.

Throughout the term we will also continue to develop the children’s understanding of SPAG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) work and also continue to work on handwriting. At Chad Vale there is the expectation that all children should write using cursive hand script using a pen. Please support your child with their handwriting.

During this term we will continue to use Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk For Writing’ to support literacy. This is a highly interactive, enjoyable and dynamic approach to writing that helps the children develop their vocabulary, grammar and understanding of different text types.



Research indicates that those who read often are those who write well. We cannot emphasise how important it is for you to constantly encourage your child to read as much as they can. This activity can start early in the morning by reading the back of the cereal packet! Children should always read before they go to bed, even for five minutes.

At school we will vote on and read a longer novel as a whole class - children are never too old to be read to! We spend time discussing and reviewing the book before deciding on the next one. Reading in Year 6 encourages a deeper understanding of texts, not only to enhance their enjoyment of reading but to encourage more challenging texts and preparation for secondary school. They will develop their comprehension skills and understanding of different texts with the ultimate intention of nurturing a lifelong love of reading.​


All children will have access to our new school library and a well-stocked classroom book corner. They are encouraged to choose books regularly and bring in books to discuss and share from home. In addition, we will be giving the children a new reading journal this year to record how much they have read and there will be some exciting activities for them to complete if they would like to.




Children will be building on their understanding of calculation and problem solving. They will be working both mentally and using pencil and paper procedures with all four operations. They will continue to develop skills from last year working with: fractions, decimals and percentages; ratio and proportion; money and ‘real life’ problems and investigations.

All children have an account for Education City. Using these applications regularly at home will further support their learning in the classroom.

Once again please support your child to learn and practice their times tables and mental math's skills. You can also help by encouraging their Numeracy skills in real-life situations; for example, they could join you on shopping trips calculating prices mentally and working towards a budget? Or using their measuring skills on a DIY or cookery project?!



This term children will be developing their ball and invasion games skills via team sports such as football, cricket, basketball and bench ball. Please ensure your child has kit in school for PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays appropriate for the season’s weather as we may be going outside for PE in cooler weather.



This year, we will be combining many subjects throughout a series of longer topics throughout the year. Literacy and Numeracy will also often link to current topics giving the children a much more in-depth, exciting and relevant learning experience.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Our first topic combines elements of PATHS, Art, RE, Geography, History, Science, Music and Literacy drawing on themes of identity, family and self-image. There will be opportunities to develop drawing techniques through self-portraiture; carry out exciting science investigations into evolution and inheritance! You can help your child’s learning by digging out any baby photos or pictures with a clear family resemblance. Your child may even ask to interview you with a view to creating a biography! We have also managed to secure a low cost trip to Lapworth Museum of Geology for their ‘Deadly Dinosaurs’ workshop which links beautifully with our learning. 

Other topics this term include:

Meet The Greeks!

Children will build on prior learning to explore the Ancient world including art, architecture, theatre, myths, legends and the impact on our modern world.  They may even get the opportunity to tackle some Greek math's problems, handle ancient artifacts and take part in a feast of Greek food and music


A thrilling and highly enjoyable topic, children will be learning about how writers create atmosphere and suspense. They will also learn about the ‘Science of Spooky’- learning about light and dark; sound and movement. The children will also visit Aston Hall listening to some very ‘Ghastly Tales’ to inspire and motivate their own writing.  This trip will take place on the 29 November 2018.

Revision Books

After half term your child will bring home a folder containing work books and text books. These books give you the chance to see all the topics that must be covered to aid revision for SATs. These books should be used everyday to maximize your child’s learning.


As part of the new National Curriculum, all children in Year 6 will be learning more about programming for computers, or devices such as iPads or mobile phones. They will also learn how technology such as Wi-Fi actually works. They will design, plan and develop a new app, code games and further develop their awareness and knowledge of E-Safety.


Building on learning from previous years, Year 6 will take part in regular Spanish lessons not only developing their language skills but also their knowledge of Spanish culture, food and society. You can help your child develop their language skills by getting them to practice at home!

We look forward to working as a team with you. Feel free to contact us if there are any questions, queries or problems.

If you do have any questions or if there is anything you would like to discuss with us then please come and see us or email us at:

Year 6 Chad Teacher 


Year 6 Vale Teacher

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