Spanish at Chad Vale

Modern Foreign Languages at Chad Vale prepares children for the skills needed when they reach Secondary school and thereafter. We live in a time where commerce, trade, business and leisure all take place on a global scale and children need to be ready to receive the world around them with confidence.


The subject encourages children to use language skills that can be transferred and applied to other areas of life. Through the teaching of Spanish, skills in language learning, including inference are taught from year 3 to year 6 and built upon every year. 

Studying every day scenarios such as holidays abroad, the world around them, topics surrounding school and family life enable to child to relate to the language easily and focus on new vocabulary or grammar. There is a strong focus on speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar in lessons and these are assessed formatively.


Spanish currently takes place for 1 hour per week for every key stage 2 class.

Subject Ambassadors

We will be selecting new ambassadors in Autumn 2021. Watch this space! 

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Spanish Curriculum Overview