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Our Governors

Governing Body Mission Statement

On behalf of the Governors, welcome to Chad Vale Primary School.

Chad Vale recognises the unique value of every child. It is a caring and aspirational school that gives its pupils a broad and creative education from which they will emerge self-confident, mature and resilient young citizens, equipped for the future with a lifelong love of learning.

We are all very proud of the school and part of our role is to ensure the school continues to thrive and improve. 

The role of the Governing Body is to:

1. Set the aims and objectives of the school by taking a long term view into the schools development.

2. Agree and periodically reviewing the policies for achieving those aims and objectives.

3. Monitor and evaluate performance and progress of the school both educationally and financially, ensuring the school remains within its allocated budget.

4. Challenge and support the school leadership team.

We aim to represent and take into account the views of a range of stakeholders when discharging our roles. The Body consists of representatives of parents, the Local Authority, school staff and the community. The Senior Office Manager can put you in contact with any member of the Governing Body and we are always interested in listening to your views.

Parent Governors hold fixed term of office – normally four years and are elected into their posts. The School organises the elections and will publicise the process of nominations, voting and announcement from all parents of children at Chad Vale.

As a full committee we meet at least once each term. We also have two sub committees to discuss issues such as Finance and Premises and Curriculum and Community in more detail.

Minutes of Governing Body Meetings are available on request from the Chair of Governors, contactable at: ​

As well as the website you can keep up to date on developments and school life in general through the weekly newsletters. Contact Miss Green if you want to receive a copy.

Our Governing Body


LA - Local Authority, Nominated or Appointed Governor

PG - Elected or Appointed Parent Governor

STF - Staff Governor

CG - Co-opted Governor, Appointed by the Governing Body

AS - Associate Member

Committee Structure

Curriculum and Community Committee

Rhys Bowen - Chair

Matt Cawsey

Jagdish Kaur

Lynne Paino

Paul Sansom

Vickie Crombie

Steve Dubberley (DHT – AS)

Premises and Finance Committee

​Charlotte Dawson - Chair

Matt Cawsey

Stacey Howard

Gurmit Kler

Paul Sansom

Vickie Crombie

Debbie Shiner (AS – Site Manager)

Mark Delaney (AS – Amethyst Advisory)

Governors with specific responsibilities

SEN Governor – Charlotte Dawson

Safeguarding Governor – Lynne Paino

Curriculum and Finance Attendance 2022-23
Full Governing Board Attendance 2022-23
Curriculum and Finance Attendance 2021-22
Full Governing Board Attendance 2021-22


X - Present

N/A - Not Applicable

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