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History at Chad Vale

History at Chad Vale equips the children with knowledge and understanding of local and global history, through discrete history topics and learning explored in many other subjects.


Throughout KS1 and KS2, we teach the children about events in the past that have changed the world, in order that they understand and appreciate how our society, environment and culture, came to be and relate them to the issues facing us today.


Learning about history provides opportunities to develop curiosity and important research and enquiry skills that are transferable to other subjects such as science, geography and English; this allows children to develop perspective and relate historical events to the modern world.


Learning about historical events provides opportunities for discovery, debate and discussion about the decisions people make and how they can affect others in a positive and negative way. History at Chad Vale teaches our children how to think objectively and become caring, respectful and thoughtful citizens who will help to protect the future by remembering the past.

Subject Ambassadors

“In History I have enjoyed, Egyptian Day, learning about World War II, and finding out more about the Vikings.”

“History at Chad Vale is fun because of the interesting lessons and exciting trips!”

“The areas that are currently my favourite are… the Vikings and Ancient Egyptians… Particularly the Vikings whose influence is still very much present in England and modern Europe today.

“For me it (history) is like my personal time machine. I get to travel through time periods and experience different people and cultures across the ages.”

“History for me is like a never ending treasure hunt; it’s like digging in the sand on a giant beach and unearthing precious gems of knowledge.”

History in Action

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