Mathematics at Chad Vale Primary School

The purpose of teaching of mathematics at Chad Vale, is to develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity around mathematics whilst enabling each pupil to develop the essential mathematical skills and understanding required for later life. Teachers use the age-related expectations from The National Curriculum 2014 to plan lessons which are knowledge-rich, support the transfer of skills and inspire children to reach their full potential as they deepen their understanding during their learning journey from Reception to Year 6.  


At Chad Vale, we endeavour to guide our pupils in becoming competent and confident mathematicians. When children have achieved an objective, teachers plan for opportunities where pupils can deepen their understanding through application and problem-solving activities so that they can become ‘masters’ in their own right.


Chad Vale has adopted AET Mathematics (AET) to support teachers with their planning. AET splits The National Curriculum 2014 objectives for mathematics into a series of units and presents them in a long-term plan. Teachers use the medium-term plan provided to create weekly lessons which include a ‘Doing’, ‘Thinking’ and ‘Exploring’ task for each lesson. This provides every child with the opportunity to apply their skills and deepen their understanding.


Maths in the Early Years


In Reception, the curriculum is guided by the Early Years Outcomes which identifies the Early Learning Goals in ‘Number’ and ‘Shape, Space and Measure.’ A baseline assessment is completed at the beginning of each academic year and is used to identify gaps in understanding and where children can be challenged further. In the Early Years, children learn through play, either in small groups or one to one, depending on their needs and ability.

Cross-curricular links 

Mathematics is mainly taught as a separate subject but every effort is made to link maths with other areas of the curriculum. We try and identify the mathematical possibilities across the curriculum at the planning stage. We also draw children’s attention to the links between maths and other curricular work so children see that maths is not an isolated subject.

Useful Downloads

Year 4 - Exploring Lines of Symmetry (1)
Year 4 - Exploring Lines of Symmetry (2)