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Admission Arrangements: Reception

We are a 2-form entry school (2 classes per year group). Our intake each September is 60 pupils and for new reception places, you will need to apply directly with the local authority. Please click here for more information.

Where there are more than 60 children applying for places in reception at Chad Vale, the local authority 'over-subscription criteria' are used which gives priority (in order) to:

1. Children currently (or previously) 'looked after' by the local authority (e.g. children in foster care or adopted).

2. Children with a statement of Special Needs or an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) where Chad Vale Primary School is the          named school.

3. Children who will have siblings already at Chad Vale when they start.

4. Distance from the school (measured in a straight line).

Cut-off distances

For intake into reception there is a guide 'cut-off' distance, where children are too far away to be offered a place at Chad Vale. These vary every year, depending on where the applicants that year live. 

2022: 1730m

2021: 1529m

2020: 1643m

Admission Arrangements: In-Year

For 'In-Year' admissions, please download, print and fill out the  'In Year Transfer/change of school form. You will then need to bring  your completed form into school with your proof of address. Your form will be processed in school and you will be informed of your child's position on the waiting list.

The same over subscription criteria (as above) will be applied to in-year admissions if the year group you are applying to is full. 

The In-Year Admission form is available to download below. We also have paper copies available in school.

Please note that our waiting lists are cleared at the start of each academic year, in September.


If you wish to remain on the waiting list, you will need to fill out a new In-Year transfer form and provide proof of current address. 


School Admissions
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