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School Risk Assessment July 2021

Chad Vale Newsletter about return to school plans 26/02/21

Chad Vale Newsletter about return to school plans 24/02/21

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Attendance Letter September 2020 COVID Update

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What are the drop off and pick up times for March 2021?

In order to separate out the crowds and to enable families to drop all their children off in one go, we have arranged the following staggered start and end to the day:

Group 1: surnames beginning with A-G

Drop off 1: 8.40-8.50

Pick up 1: 3.00-3.10

Group 2: surnames beginning with H-M

Drop off 2: 8.50-9.00

Pick up 2: 3.10-3.20

Group 3: surnames beginning with N-Z

Drop off 3: 9.00-9.10

Pick-up 3: 3.20-3.30

Parents will not be allowed to come into the school building at this current time, unless you have a pre-arranged meeting.

There will be staff on hand every day to help direct you to the right place.

When will school re-open properly?

The government are planning on re-opening schools more fully in March 2021. 

What arrangements are there for the new reception children who start in September?

We have created a new page on this website to help with information for our new reception starters. This can be accessed here.

What are you doing about social distancing?

It is very unlikely that the children will be able remain 2m away from each other at all times, but it will be encouraged and modelled by the staff. Where 2m distancing cannot be maintained, it is acceptable to use 1m+ for short periods of time (e.g. at outdoor play or teachers hearing children read). If required, teachers can provide comfort and first aid and we have suitable PPE if it's needed. 

The main protective measure is that your child's class will be kept away from other children in school as far as possible. This means that your child's class becomes a 'bubble'  and will have their own separate play space, We will be reducing mixing of these bubbles as much as possible so therefore assemblies and large gatherings of children will not take place. 


The government say the children should all be facing the front in the classroom, how will this work?

We have set classrooms so that all desks face the front. This is to reduce the possibility of transmitting the virus through group work. As the virus continues to reduce we will move back to group tables as soon as we can. In reception and year 1, group tables will remain. 

My child is vulnerable due to a medical condition/we live with someone who is shielding.

Where there is a specific medical concern please get in touch with us to discuss some flexibility in order to make it safe. 

How can I safely get my child to and from school?

We have planned a staggered start and end of the school day to reduce the number of people on the drive/site at any one time. 

Will the children have to wear a mask and gloves?

No, the use of gloves and masks by the children is not recommended.

Will the teachers be wearing masks?

We have left this decision with individual teachers, but the guidance states there is no need for staff to be wearing masks inside the classroom. We have stocks of PPE for where this is required- e.g. intimate care, dealing with bodily fluids)

What if I travel on public transport to get to school?

You and your children may wish to wear a mask on your journey to school. To avoid contaminated masks being brought into school, your child will be asked to dispose of any disposable mask at the gate. Washable masks should be placed inside a a sealed plastic bag which can then kept in their school bag until home-time. 


Is there going to be sanitisation/deep cleaning periodically of surfaces? 

Yes- we have increased the hours of our cleaning team and have ensured that we have cleaning staff on site at all times whilst the children are here to carry out spot cleaning of touch points and toilets regularly throughout the day. 


What about hand washing/hand sanitisation for staff and children? Will there be enough hand sanitiser?

All classrooms have cold water and soap. All toilets have hot water and soap. We have plenty of disposable towels for drying of hands. We introduced hand sanitiser stations in the main entrance and will source additional sanitiser where possible. 


A study has shown that BAME population is more at risk of having a severe disease. Will there be special consideration for BAME children?

A large majority of our children and staff come into the category of 'Black and Minority Ethnic'. Our risk assessment recognises this and is designed to ensure that all children and staff can attend safely. 


Will you re-start WACC (and after-school clubs)?

Yes, WACC will be re-starting in March and we will aim to place these children into smaller bubbles within WACC. All school protective measures will be in place during WACC however parents of children attending will need to recognise the increase in risk due to their child being in more than one bubble. 


Will we lose our school place there if we disagree with government advice and choose to home-school a little longer?

Attendance at school in March is likely to be compulsory. If you wish to continue to home-school your child you will need to contact us to remove them from our school. 


Are teachers/children going to be tested?

The testing system is now up and running well in Birmingham- any children or teachers displaying symptoms will be asked to get tested. If you need a test, please click below. Twice weekly lateral flow tests have been made available for staff only in primary schools. 

Click here to book a coronavirus test


Is it going to be compulsory to send your child to school?

Yes, from March 2021. 

Is it going to be 5 days a week/normal school time?



How confident is the school that they can implement social distancing across the school, without leaving my child exposed?

We cannot minimise the risk completely but will follow all of the government's advice and protective measures. 


How confident is the school that they can ensure all the children wash their hands regularly and sanitise?

Very confident. Children got into a good habit before the lockdown began and with increased numbers in school we have been impressed with how careful Chad Valers have been with hygiene and social distancing measures. 


Will the school have regular cleaning and disinfecting of desks, door handles etc?



What procedures will the school have in place should a child show symptoms for Covid 19?

The child will be placed into isolation with a member of staff using PPE. They will then be sent home and tested. If the test is positive, we will seek advice from Public Health England. It is likely that their closest friends will need to be tested or if there are multiple positive tests from a class, the whole class may need to self-isolate. 


What will the dinner arrangement be?

We are re-starting our hot meal service in September. We plan to run multiple dinner sittings with a year group at a time in the hall, with cleaning between each group. Some children will take their dinners to their classroom so that they can stay in their bubble. 


Will outdoor play be cancelled?

No, outdoor play and learning will be encouraged. We have divided the field and MUGA into smaller sections and each class will have their own space. There is also a rota to ensure limited numbers of children playing at any one time. 


How will children be kept apart at break times? 

Children will be reminded of the rules- they can only play with people from within their class.


How will teachers comfort our children if needed?

There is a recognition that children may need to be comforted at some point within the day. PPE will be provided for the staff in order to do this (masks and gloves). 


How will teaching/learning continue?

Teachers have carried out an analysis of the gaps in learning for the new teachers. Your child's new teacher will work hard to blend these gaps into the new learning to ensure the children do not fall behind. 

When will other after-school clubs start?

To minimise the number of bubbles that children are in we have decided to postpone the re-opening of other after-school clubs (e.g. French Clubs, Art clubs etc) until the guidance indicates it's safer to do so.

What happens with in-school music, PE and Spanish lessons?

As these are part of our curriculum we are able to re-start these with the usual 'visiting teachers'. These teachers will take additional precautions and ensure that 2m social distancing is maintained where possible.

What happens with instrumental lessons in school?

The music service have created risk assessments for re-starting of instrumental lessons in schools. These indicate the risk of starting these activities as low and the visiting teachers will maintain 2m social distancing. Where possible, small group instrumental teaching will maintain existing bubbles within school. 

Learning Support

There are plenty of online learning resources available on the Oak National Academy website. Please click below and then pick your year group. There are also high quality resources available from BBC Bitesize. 


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