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Geography Lead: Mr Jake Pollak

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​Geography at Chad Vale teaches an understanding of locations and environments. Through learning of geography, children develop a knowledge of their local area, compare their lives in this locality with those in other regions of the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. It helps them to understand the world around them and how it came to be.

Geography learning at Chad Vale provides a window to the world for our children, many of whom already have friends and family in other countries. We utilise and value the children’s own life experiences and take them beyond their existing knowledge through a range of exciting topics that open their eyes to the world outside their doors.


​Geography at Chad Vale is taught in topic blocks starting in reception and building on these early skills and knowledge as they learn and grow through the school. It follows the primary National Curriculum for Geography and provides a range of opportunities for children to learn about globally significant places and how they came to be.

The children develop their geographical skills through map and compass work, fieldwork and by learning a range of inquiry and analytical skills that can be used in geography and beyond.

We have invested in Oddizi, an online resource that helps to bring our geography learning to life and we assess our children’s attainment and progress in geography using Educater, our school tracking system. This allows our Geography leader to track the progression of children throughout the school and identify any gaps in knowledge and understanding.


As a result of our teaching and learning about Geography the children will have:

  • An understanding of their place in the world and how Birmingham fits into the UK and beyond

  • Knowledge about their local environment and contrasting environments around the world

  • Knowledge about climate and how this affects people locally and around the world

  • Knowledge about continents, oceans, volcanos, mountains, earthquakes, rainforests and rivers

  • Map and compass skills

  • An understanding of the climate emergency and how they can play a part in protecting our world for future generations

  • A desire to travel and make a positive impact on the world




Here at Chad Vale Primary School, we are committed to providing for and accommodating all children regardless of their cognitive, physical or sensory needs and ensuring they are a part of all that we do. In geography, learning needs are met by adapting the content of each lesson to suit each individual such as: word mats, pre/post 1:1 tutoring or personalised tasks. All fieldwork and trips are also tailored to suit all pupils’ requirements. 


Subject Ambassadors

There are 8 pupil subject ambassadors, who applied for this role to help to improve the geography learning at Chad Vale:


 'I applied to be a geography ambassador because I love the subject and I want to share my passion. I’ve travelled to a lot of places around the globe and I’ve realised how it could influence many children too.'   Saad (6C)


 'I love geography because I enjoy learning about capital cities. We have done some lessons like locating cities in the UK which I really enjoyed. I want other people to enjoy it also. I hope I can make a difference.' Isaac (4V)


 'I applied for geography ambassador because I really enjoy the subject and learning about the different types of cultures and traditions around the world.' Neha (6C)


 'I like geography because I like learning about countries and cities. I also like reading maps. In geography at school, I’ve done a lot of this which I really enjoy.' Zain (4V)


 'I love geography because I’m the type of person who likes to make an impact. The thing I most want is a geography day where each class learns about different countries.' Tom (6V)

Geography in EYFS

Curriculum Overview

Geography in Action

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