Science at Chad Vale

As children grow up in an increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced world, the need to be scientifically literate in order to achieve is becoming increasingly important.

Wherever relevant, we exploit cross-curricular links to other subjects such as Maths, English, DT and Geography, ensuring that science provides a ‘motivating context’ for pupils to make the relevant links, view a range of applications and improve their subject knowledge.

Throughout their time at Chad Vale, careful planning and delivery of lessons will ensure that every child learns about science in a way that is engaging, educational and relevant. 

From pupil’s earliest experiences in EYFS, we encourage children to recognise and interact with a wide range of scientific phenomena. Through carefully planned and resourced

activities, children will develop the ability to ask questions thus provoking curiosity about the world around them.

By the time they finish at Chad Vale, it is our aim that pupils will be fully equipped with the scientific knowledge and investigative skills necessary to make excellent progress in the next stage of their education. Research indicates that children start to develop perceptions about whether science is ‘for them’ by the end of primary school so it is therefore essential that all pupils experience an inspiring science education, that builds their understanding of the value and place of the subject in their lives. It is our view that doing this will lay the foundation for their future studies, enabling them to make well-informed decisions in an increasingly STEM world and give them access to a wider range of rewarding career paths.


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