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Welcome to Year 5
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Year 5 Chad: Sophia Gaines, Hannah Lynch, Nutan Patel

Year 5 Vale: Siobhan Cutts, Nutan Patel



During the year, we will focus on covering a variety of different genres. Children will continue to learn using the Talk for Writing format, whereby they will learn a text and use this to write their own stories.



  • Secure spelling, including homophones, prefixes, silent letters, etc.

  • Use a dictionary and thesaurus

  • Legible, fluent handwriting

  • Plan writing to suit audience and purpose

  • Develop character, setting and atmosphere in narrative

  • Use organisational and presentational features

  • Use consistent, appropriate tense

  • Proof-reading

  • Perform own compositions


  • Use expanded noun phrases

  • Use modal and passive verbs

  • Use relative clauses

  • Use commas for clauses

  • Use brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis

Speaking and Listening

  • Give well-structured explanations

  • Command of Standard English

  • Consider and evaluate different viewpoints

  • Use appropriate register


Reading is a crucial element of learning. We must ensure that our children read every day, even if it’s as little as fifteen minutes a day. Please do remember that children are never too old to be read to!

  • Reading and discuss a broad range of genres and texts

  • Identifying and discussing themes

  • Make recommendations to others

  • Learn poetry by heart

  • Draw inference and make predictions 

  • Discuss authors’ use of language

  • Retrieve and present information from non-fiction texts

  • Formal presentations and debates




  • Secure place value to 1,000,000

  • Use negative whole numbers in context

  • Use roman numerals to 1000 (M)

  • Use standard written methods for all four operations

  • Confidently add and subtract mentally

  • Use vocabulary of prime, factor and multiple

  • Multiply and divide by powers of ten

  • Use square and cube numbers

Geometry and Measure

  • Convert between different units

  • Calculate perimeter of composite shapes and area of rectangles

  • Estimate volume and capacity

  • Identify 3-D shapes

  • Measure and identify angles

  • Understand regular polygons

  • Reflect and translate shapes


  • Interpret tables and line graphs

  • Solve questions about line graphs


  • Compare and order fractions

  • Add and subtract fractions with common denominators, with mixed numbers

  • Multiple fractions by units

  • Write decimals as fractions

  • Order and round decimal numbers

  • Link percentages to fractions and decimals



  • Life cycle of plants and animals (inc. mammals, insects, birds, amphibians)

  • Describe changes as humans develop and mature

  • Classify materials according to a variety of properties

  • Understand mixtures and solutions

  • Know about reversible changes; identify irreversible

  • Understand location and interaction of Sun, Earth and Moon

  • Introduce gravity, resistance and mechanical forces


In history we study The Vikings, Mayan Civilisation and Birmingham Canals.


  • Name and locate countries, cities, regions and features of the U.K

  • Understand latitude, longitude, Equator, hemispheres, tropics, polar circles and time  zones

  • Study a region of the Americas

  • Describe and understand rivers, mountains, settlements, trade links, etc.

  • Use 4- and 6- figure references on OS maps

  • Use fieldwork to record and explain areas


  • Perform with control and expression, solo and in ensembles

  • Improvise and compose using dimensions of music

  • Listen to detail and recall aurally

  • Use and understand basics of staff notation

  • Develop an understanding of the history of music, including great musicians and            composers

Art & Design

  • Use sketchbooks to collect, record, review, revisit and evaluate ideas

  • Improve mastery of techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture with varied      materials

  • Learn about great artists, architects and designers


Children will be developing their ball and invasion games skills via team sports such as bench ball, tennis and golf. Please ensure your child has a kit in school for PE on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays appropriate for the weather.

  • Use running, jumping, catching and throwing in isolation and in combination

  • Play competitive games, applying basic principles

  • Develop flexibility and control in gym, dance and athletics

  • Compare performances to achieve personal bests


  • Design and write programs to solve problems

  • Use sequences, repetition, inputs, variables and outputs in programs

  • Detect and correct errors in programs

  • Understand use of networks for collaboration and communication

  • Be discerning in evaluation digital content

Design & Technology

  • Use research and criteria to develop products which are fit for purpose and aimed at    specific groups

  • Use annotated sketches, cross-section diagrams and computer-aided design

  • Analyse and evaluate existing products and improve own work

  • Use mechanical and electrical systems in own products, including programming

  • Cook savoury dishes for a healthy and varied diet

Modern Languages

  • Listen and engage

  • Engage in conversation, expressing opinions

  • Speak in simple language and be understood

  • Develop appropriate pronunciation

  • Present ideas and information orally

  • Show understanding in simple reading

  • Adapt known language to create new ideas

  • Describe people, places and things

  • Understand basic grammar, e.g. gender

Religious Education

During our R.E lessons, we will ensure that children are taught about the different faiths and their celebrations (I.e. Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Hanukah, Vaisakhi and Chinese New Year etc.). Following the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus, we will discuss how we can make a positive contribution to the wider community. We will cover topics that involve being kind and caring to animals and the environment.



We shall ensure that children receive weekly homework tasks. This can vary depending on what has been taught during the week. We expect our children to be reading on a daily basis. 

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Year 5
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