Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 Chad: Mrs Wood, Miss Millward & Ms Taherian

Year 3 Vale: Mr Singh, Mrs Chhaya, Miss Millward & Ms Taherian


The children will continue to use ‘Talk for Writing’ in order to imitate, perform and learn from class texts. These texts will include myths, persuasive texts, instructions, letter writing and suspense stories.

Phonic skills are no longer taught in key stage two, so daily reading at home with an adult is vital.  Please share your child’s book by reading part of it to them. Reading should be recorded daily in the reading diary we provide. Furthermore, children undertake a range of reading activities each day to broaden their understanding in school first-hand.


In Year 3, we continue to build upon the skills taught in year 2.  This includes the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication). We learn more sophisticated written methods of calculating in accordance with the Chad Vale calculation policy. We specifically focus on the 3,4 and 8 times tables. It is really helpful if children practise these at home as much as possible. The children will also look at place value, 2-D and 3-D shape facts. In addition to this, children will be learning to gather data and display it in graphs and charts. 


In science we cover a number of topics throughout the year.  (Please see the curriculum overview in the link on the right).  Throughout the key topics this year, the focus will be on scientific inquiry, investigation, prediction and questioning skills.


In history the children learn about the Stone Age and the Romans.  In the summer term we visit Lunt Fort, one of the oldest Roman Fort remains in the country. Through the learning of history, children gain a greater perspective of time and how history has had an impact on modern day life today.

You can support your child by encouraging them to research this historical period through books and the internet.

More information about Lunt Fort is available here: http://www.luntromanfort.org/


In art, children build upon the skills taught in Year 2.  They learn how to use pencil to create texture and tone, cross-hatching and colour techniques.  In addition to this, children learn about famous artists and their work and use this to inspire their own artwork. 

Design Technology

In DT lessons the children will undertake a number of exciting projects.  To link with our science learning, children learn all about nutrition and healthy eating.  The class will design and make a healthy soup.  Linking with our maths learning and 3D shapes, the children learn about packaging and design and create their own Easter egg box. Finally, we link our learning to saving our environment and the children design and make their own bag out of recycled materials.


In music lessons the children learn to sing a number of different styles of music including rock, R and B and songs to celebrate traditional festivals.  Children will also have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of instruments.  In addition to this, children will learn songs for an exciting Easter story performance in the spring.


Children will learn about the world, continents and countries.  We focus on Europe and learning the capital cities of neighbouring countries. We introduce mapping skills and the skills needed to use OS maps, atlases and globes.  The children will also learn about natural disasters including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis and the impact of these disasters on local communities.


In year 3 the children begin their journey through the target language by amassing a vocabulary of nouns and basic greetings. They lean about what the language sounds like, what it looks like and about Spanish culture. There is a key focus on speaking and listening which develops a confidence in the subject before children move onto more advanced learning in year 4.  


PE will take place on Mondays (3 Chad) and Fridays (3 Vale). Kit must be in a drawstring bag please due to lack of storage space. Children learn a variety of skills under the topics of gymnastics, games, dance and athletics. 

Swimming will take place on Wednesdays so please remember to bring a swimming costume, formal swimming trunks, swimming cap and towel in a waterproof bag.  Please also remember to send your child with a weatherproof jacket and walking shoes.

If you would like more information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you do have any questions or if there is anything you would like to discuss with us then please come and see us or email us at:

Year 3 Chad Teacher


Year 3 Vale Teacher


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