Year 1 Chad: Miss Larcombe, Mr Dubberley, Mrs Schofield and Mrs Bagul

Year 1 Vale: Ms Khan and Mrs Biswas


This term we will be learning more stories and will adapt them to create our own versions. The children will also learn how to write an information text.

A range of stimuli will be used, such as role-play, video clips and pictures. ‘Talk for Writing’ will continue to develop the children’s existing skills, whilst supporting the use of SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar).




This term we will be preparing for the Phonics screening check in June. Please see our class pages on the school website for practice words for the children to read.

You can support your child by continuing to read books from the school book boxes or library, as well as completing the book reviews and discussing the book they have read.



We will continue to work on different strategies for addition and subtraction whilst developing the quick recall mathematical facts: number bonds to 10 or 20 and doubles to 10. Whilst we develop children’s knowledge of number, we will continue to refer back to practical apparatus in order to prevent number sentences becoming meaningless and abstract. At home, you could support your child’s basic skills by ensuring they can count in 2s, 5s and 10s.


We will be using Visual Maths to solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects and pictorial representations, with the support of the teacher.


The children will also learn to tell the time (o’clock and half-past) and solve problems involving time.



The children will be focusing on seaside holidays in the past for our History topic this term. Key vocabulary: holiday, seaside, beach, sand, sea, paddle, pier, Punch and Judy, bucket, spade, ice-cream, parasol, bathing suit, swimming hat, past, recent and modern.

The children will learn about holidays today, holidays in Edwardian/Victorian times and they will be comparing similarities and differences.


 In DT, we will be making something practical for the home.  It is top secret, so we can’t give you any more information! We will also design and make healthy ice-lollies.


 In Geography this term, we will be studying our local area.


Growing Plants

We will be finding out what plants need for them to grow well. We will also be growing our own plants and observing their development. You could support your child by talking to them about any plants you have at home or getting them to help you in the garden! Useful vocabulary: leaf, stem, root and flower.



Fruit is provided in Year 1, which we give to the children at no cost. We encourage the children to eat fruit, as it provides the right boost of nutrients to support their learning. If your child brings in their own snack, please ensure this is a healthy option. No chocolate, crisps or sweets, please. Please remember that we are a nut-free school!

If you would like more information regarding our curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you do have any questions or if there is anything you would like to discuss with us, especially if you have a talent in one of the above areas, then please come and see us or email us at:

Year 1 Chad Teachers

Year 1 Vale Teachers

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