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Welcome to Year 4


Year 4 Chad: Mr Clark and Ms Taherian

Year 4 Vale: Miss Grosvenor, Mrs Wain and Mrs Key


Autumn Term




This term, we will be using ‘The Write Stuff’ as our model for English. Children will learn the features of different text types and then apply these to their very own version. The genres that we will be focusing on during this term will be journey stories, explanation texts and information texts. Also during English, there will be an emphasis on S.P.A.G (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar).




In Year 4, reading will take form of Whole Class Reading. Children will read an extract from a book, a short story or an information text and they will learn how to use key reading skills. They will have opportunity to predict, summarise, infer and explain but will work collaboratively as part of a whole class or group. They will also choose a reading book to have on their desks and a story will be read to them by a teacher every day.

It is vital that children read as often as possible when they are at home. We recommend approximately 15 minutes per day with an adult. Please talk to your child about what they are reading, as this will ensure that they really do understand what is happening in the book.



In Chad Vale we use the White Rose syllabus in order to ensure all curriculum areas are covered adequately. Initially, when teaching a topic, we will go over any remaining Year 3 skills. Number, place value and calculation will be covered in the first half term along with some other skills and knowledge such as angles.

There will be an emphasis on the use of vocabulary and how it is used by the children to explain or articulate their own thoughts and findings.


By the end of Year 4, all children should be able to recall all times tables (up to 12 x12) quickly and we expect to be completing the statutory times table check in the summer term. For this reason, we cannot emphasise enough how important it is to spend approximately 10 minutes per day on learning and remembering them. Children can do this with an adult or independently, depending on their needs.



This term, Year 4 will be studying the Ancient Egyptians. Children will be encouraged to examine various artefacts, in order to determine what life was really like. They will also have the opportunity to develop their independent learning through a research project. Year 4 children will also use hieroglyphics to decipher and write their own messages. 

Furthermore, the children will learn about the daily lives of Ancient Egyptians and their beliefs, by using evidence uncovered by archaeologists. Art lessons will also be structured around history and children will make their own canopic jar made of clay.

In design technology, children will build on their knowledge of moving cards. They will be taught about various levers and pivots with a view to complete a moving Christmas card! 


During science, the children will be studying teeth, the human digestive system and feeding relationships within environments. This leads on to the second part of the term, when we will learn about habitats and the environment.

In computing, children will make full use of the laptops and iPads to work together to research and present information.  They will also create and debug computer programs.​

On Mondays, all the children will learn how to play either a keyboard or violin. This will continue throughout the term as part of our music partnership with the Music Service.

Swimming will take place on Mondays, with Chad visiting the university pool for the first half of each term. Vale will swim for the second half of each term. All children will need to wear a full PE kit every Friday.  Please ensure their kit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.




Every week, children will be given homework, with a maths page and some spellings to learn. We may send some resources home to assist with times tables. You may either keep homework at home or choose to submit to the teacher any time of the week.

​We are hoping to reinstate some of the lovely Y4 trips this year. An exciting visit to the Think Tank is already booked for February! Watch this space for more information!


The Year 4 Team 

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