Year 4 Chad: Mr Clark & Mrs Taherian

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Autumn Term



This term we will be using ‘Talk for Writing’ as our model for English. Children will learn the features of different text types and then apply these to their very own version. The genres that we will be focusing on during this term will be: horror, fantasy and information texts. Please help your child by selecting books from the library that have the same genre. Also during English, there will be an emphasis on S.P.A.G (Spelling, Punctuation, And Grammar).


In Year 4, your child will take part in daily ‘Reading Time’. The children will be given an opportunity to explore different activities that will enhance their reading.  For example: research tasks, retrieving information from key texts, reading for pleasure and word work. During this time, the teacher will be able to focus on groups of children and intensify their understanding of the text that they are reading.

All children have access to the school library. We encourage our children to change their books frequently. The library is open three times a day (8:45—9:00, break times and lunch times). Please do ask your child if they have changed their books.

                        Please ensure that your children are reading every night.

Reading Diaries - Traditional reading diaries will be replaced with new reading logs. These will require you to record your child’s reading.



Year 4 will be focusing on the difference between the mental and written strategies for all four operations, supported through problem-solving activities. They will continue to practise calculation strategies and apply them to real-life problems.

The early part of the term will focus on the four operations, ensuring that all children have a good understanding of the concepts.

Finally, there will be a keen emphasis on the use of vocabulary and how it is used by the children to explain or articulate their own thoughts and findings. Children will be encouraged to continue practising their times tables and develop their confidence using Education City courses within school and at home.



This term, Year 4 will be studying the Ancient Egyptians. Children will be encouraged to examine various artefacts in order to determine what life was really like. They will also have the opportunity to develop their independent learning through a research project on this topic. Year 4 will use hieroglyphics to decipher and write their own messages, whilst also looking at the role of archaeologists. They will develop their understanding about the lives of Ancient Egyptians and their beliefs.

During the latter part of the term, children will make a ‘Shaduf’ (a mechanism that was used to retrieve water from a river or well). Children will be able to use levers and pulleys to make their own Shaduf. Will their Shaduf pass the test? Will their device withstand water? An in-depth analysis of their product will take place at the end of the unit.


During Science, the children will be studying habitats and the classification of animals.  This leads on to the second part of the term, when we look at feeding relationships within environments and the human digestive system.


In Computing, children will make full use of the laptops and iPads to develop their graphic design and research skills.


Computing will be closely linked to their work in Art and History.

On Mondays, all the children will learn how to play either a keyboard or violin. This will continue throughout the term as part of our music partnership with the Music Service.

Children will need a full PE kit every Monday and Friday. Please ensure their kit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.


All children will be given a homework menu. This will detail projects for the term. Children can choose to complete this at their own pace and in no particular order.

Trips and Visits


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (Thursday 14 November).

Children will learn more about the Ancient Egyptians via the museum’s Egyptian art workshop and mummification workshop. It is also an opportunity for children to explore Anglo Saxon artefacts in preparation for their topic in the spring term.

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