Year 4 Chad: Mr Clark & Mrs Taherian

Year 4 Vale: Mrs Wain & Mr Hemmings

Summer Term




Year 4 will be focusing on the difference between the mental and written strategies for all four operations, supported through problem solving activities. They will continue to practise calculation strategies and apply them to real-life problems.

The early part of the term will focus on the four calculations, ensuring that all children have a good understanding the concepts.

During this term some children will be looking into objectives at a deeper level, using problem solving and investigations to become masters of mathematics.

Finally, there will be a keen emphasis on the use of vocabulary and how it is used by the children to explain or articulate their own thoughts and findings. Children will be encouraged to continue practising their Times Tables and general number skills. Education city and Times Table Rockstar’s are great websites to assist your child with their Maths skills.



This term we will be using ‘Talk for writing’ as our model for English. Children will learn the features of different text types and then apply these to their very own version. The genres that we will be focusing on during this term will be; explanation texts, portal stories and letter writing.

Please help your child by selecting books from the library that have the same genre. Also, during English there will be an emphasis on S.P.A.G (Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation). Don’t forget we have Active Learn (Bug Club) available as an online library. The children will be allocated 5 books a week one to read each day.



In year 4, your child will take part in ‘Reading Time.’ This activity takes part every day, the children will be given an opportunity to explore different activities that will enhance their reading i.e. research tasks, retrieving information from key texts, reading for pleasure and also word work. During this time, the teacher will be able to focus on groups of children and intensify their understanding of the text that they are reading.

All children have access to the school library. We encourage our children to change their books frequently. The library is open 3 times a day (8:45—9:00, break times and lunch times). Please do ask your child if they have changed their books.

We can not emphasise the importance of reading. Research shows that those children who read well; write well. It is vital that our children are reading on a daily basis. Please ensure that your children are reading every night.




During this term we will be studying sound and how it travels and how we receive sound. We will be looking at pitch and volume and how it can be changed. In the second half term we will be looking at Electricity and circuits and using these to create torches.




This term we are studying our final topic — the Second World War. Children will learn about various aspects of WW2, primarily focussing on the Home Front, evacuation and life for children during this time.

If you have any artefacts, family stories or photos, we’d love to see or hear them!

For the Art element of our topic we shall be looking at developing our drawing skills by thinking about the detail in drawing landscapes and city scapes.

In Design and Technology, we will be linking our learning from Science and circuits to design and create our own working torches.

This term Year 4 will be comparing regions in Europe and South America. Children will have the opportunity to develop their independent learning through a research project on this topic. We will also be looking at and locating the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn and looking what life is like to live in these areas.




In computing, children will make full use of the laptops and iPads to develop their
designing and controlling skills to create their own games in particular using Scratch.
Children will be looking at ways to solve computer programming problems and learn
to debug these issues. This term includes E-safety week where we will be discussing
with the children how to stay safe online.



Year 4 have PE on Mondays and Fridays. Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in

school at all times. The children will then be focusing on a range of Athletic disciplines

throughout the term in time for sports day. 


Please make sure your child has a drink, sun hat and sun cream during the

hot weather.



On Mondays, all children will learn how to play either a keyboard or violin. This will continue throughout the term as part of our music partnership with the music service.




​All children will be given a homework menu. This will detail projects for the term. Children can choose to complete this at their own pace and in no particular order. There will also be termly homework activities on Education City. In addition, children will also receive weekly spellings.


Trips and Visits




If you do have any questions or if there is anything you would like to discuss with us then please come and see us or email us at:


Year 4 Vale Teacher

Year 4 Chad Teacher


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