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Welcome to Year 4


Year 4 Chad: Mr Clark and Ms Bagheri

Year 4 Vale: Miss Grosvenor, Mrs Wain and Mrs Key


Summer Term




For the majority of the term, we will focus on calculations involving money and converting between different units of measure, plus shape and graphs. The children will then move on to revising certain areas of maths that they have found more difficult than other areas. These areas will include factors, column subtraction and division.

Creating a greater depth of understanding is a key aspect of the curriculum. With this in mind, we aim to involve children in problem-solving and investigative activities, where they will be expected to explain fully how they have tackled a mathematical problem.




This term, we will continue to use ‘The Write Stuff’ as the model for writing. Children will learn the features of different text types and then apply these to their own versions. We will be focusing on persuasive writing, newspaper articles and classic stories. You can support this by helping your child select books of the same genre from

Also, during English, there will be an emphasis on S.P.A.G (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar).


The children will take part in daily whole class reading lessons. Various skills will be covered each week, such as making predictions, inferences and links to other texts and the wider world. A wide variety of text extracts and whole texts will be read, including poetry.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of reading. Research shows that children who read well, write well. Please ensure that your children read every evening.



This term, we will study our final history topic — The Second World War. Children will learn about various aspects of WW2, primarily focusing on the Home Front, evacuation, and life for children during this time. This will culminate in an exciting visit to The Black Country Living Museum to experience life in the 1940s!

If you have any artefacts, family stories or photos, we would love to see or hear them!


 For the art element of our topic, we will be looking at drawing and sketching skills.  


Our science study this term will be sound. We will learn how it travels and how we receive sound. We will be looking at pitch and volume and how sounds can be changed.


In the second half term, we will be looking at electricity and circuits and using these to create alarms. We will then be able to use our knowledge to make working electrical devices for our DT project!


In geography, Year 4 will be learning about latitude and longitude, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and will be using map-reading skills to study the local area.


PE, Music and Computing


In computing, children will make full use of the laptops and iPads to create their own podcasts and art.


PE lessons will follow the same pattern as in autumn. 4 Chad will swim first, until half term; Vale will swim after half-term.


On Mondays, all the children will continue to learn how to play either a keyboard or violin. This will continue throughout the term, as part of our partnership with the Music Service.


Year 4 Chad Teacher


Year 4 Vale Teachers (Monday-Wednesday) (Wednesday-Friday)

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